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Nov 25, 2016

"Leftovers." It’s a word that strikes terror into the hearts of so many of us. Well, fear no more. We love when life gives us a little more than we can handle in one sitting — the key is to make great use of what you couldn’t finish the first time. And that’s what we’re doing this week. Strauss and Phelps discuss all kinds of great ideas and recipes using the remains of Thanksgiving Day, and we’re also serving up a great interview with wine-expert Jill Bernheimer (@DomaineLA), owner of Domaine LA, one of LA’s most creative and thoughtfully curated wine and spirit shops. She brings us three very well-priced and interesting wines from her store for a little audio wine tasting. And, we’ve got a brilliant “remix” of our Episode 1 interview with Phil Rosenthal. Resident Endless Noise musical geniuses Jeff Elmassian and Andy Rehfeldt bring us the audio version of raising the leftovers game with a remix titled, “Talking ‘bout Fried Chicken” — we think your “leftovers” can be every bit as good as the original, if not better. Listening is believing!

Visit our website to download the Phil remix! 

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Nov 22, 2016

A handful of Strauss' favorite Thanksgiving suggestions. How much turkey per person? Secrets to a moist turkey...What to do if you or people you love are vegetarian...What wine to drink...And a super easy way to up your holiday "stuffing game."

Visit to check out the recipe for Jeff Strauss' confit turkey wings. 

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Nov 19, 2016

Let’s face it, we’re right at the beginning of “Dessert Season," cold weather, family gatherings, ski-vacations…it lasts until we start thinking about bathing suits and beaches sometime after Valentine's Day. After a little dessert-directed Day Drinking featuring Stone Brewing Co’s Seasonal Chocolate/Chili/Spice/Coffee Beer, “Xocoveza” and Handmade, Barrel-Strength Bourbon from Noah’s Mill, Strauss and Phelps sit down with Lisa Ritter, one of the founders of LA's beloved “Big Sugar Bakeshop” (and a really great story-teller). We taste and talk about the sweet stuff and hear about Lisa ’s journey from being raised in a food-centric, Jewish/Italian family to the surprising, even to her, beginnings of Big Sugar.  She'll share her recipe for Old-Fashioned (and amazing) Banana Bread and a few great secrets to REALLY EASY Cookie Pie Crusts. Oh, and Strauss and Lisa explain the wonders and complexities of catering “Abondanza" style…something they each learned in their own way from Lisa’s mother, (and pro-caterer) Carol Ritter. Additional guest appearance from Friends writer/producer, Jeff Greenstein (who also happens to be Lisa's husband).


Day Drinking: Stone Brewing's "Xocoveca" - a winter-spiced mocha stout, and Noah's Mill handmade, small-batch Kentucky bourbon.   

Recipe: Old-Fashioned Banana Bread

Big Sugar Bakeshop - WebsiteTwitterInstagramFacebook

Nov 15, 2016

If you didn’t fill up on Kim Dickens during our Halloween episode, here are a few more delicious bites. It’s incredible how much “what we eat” says about “who we are."  Kim answers Forks on the Left’s “10 Questions” — picture James Lipton (or Will Ferrell) and the “Inside the Actors Studio” questionnaire…but with food, and Strauss and Phelps.

Guest: @KimDickens
Host: @Forks_ontheLeft

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Nov 11, 2016

It’s a 'Friends' reunion! We are joined by Jeff Strauss’s college buddy and for many years, his writing and producing partner, the award-winning Jeff Greenstein, the original "Other Jeff." In this week’s episode, Strauss and Greenstein, who co-wrote the very first 'Friends' Thanksgiving episode, share never-before-revealed secrets behind “The One Where Underdog Gets Away."

You’ll hear the hilarious and horrible, real-life story from Strauss’s life that inspired that much-loved, Emmy-nominated holiday tale. You’ll also learn the surprising inspiration for Monica’s need to keep everybody happy with potatoes. An exploration of Greenstein's childhood in suburban Atlanta and his comical “food-rules” lead to a discovery and a dare as Phelps and Strauss make Greenstein eat a food he has never tried before. What more could you want? A little eating, a little drinking, great stories from behind the scenes at one of the biggest hit TV shows ever — and a food called “Orange Carnage."

Jeff Greenstein - Twitter, Instagram
Day Drinking: a Nordic alcohol adventure — Aalborg Aquavit from Denmark and Bjork from Iceland (liquor with a real birch branch in the bottle)

Nov 4, 2016

In honor of the election season we all wish would end, it’s the most American of battles… no Dems v. Repubs, no "Blue v. Red”, this is Ultra-High-Calorie Meal v. Ultra-High-Calorie Meal. It's Corn Dog versus Salmon Tartare Coronet, Brisket-Cheesy-Fries versus Sweet-Butter-Poached Lobster Fricassée.  It’s the 2016 Tulsa State Fair facing down a 2012 visit to Napa’s 3-Michelin-Starred The French Laundry!

How will Strauss and Phelps survive course after course of complete and total over-indulgence?  These are the GREATEST FOOD EXCESSES OF OUR TIME going toe to toe… do not miss one riveting minute!  Hear about how Phelps had to call in reinforcements in a moment of weakness facing down the dreaded Donut-Cheeseburger.  Hear how Strauss’s dining companion collapsed in the face of just too much great food and wine… Who will be left standing…? And what about the mechanical bull??

Special Phone Guest: Steve Clark (actual survivor of the donut-cheeseburger)

Day Drinking: Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin and Fever Tree Tonic vs. Tito's Handmade Vodka and Club Soda

Check out our website for pictures of the Tulsa State Fair food extravaganza and our Day Drinking cocktails.